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Hwa Chong Students Devise Creative Solutions For Science

02 Sep 2019

East Zone A*star Science Fair 2019

From left to right: Kiefer Ong Xian Yao (3S1), Brandon Ong Yen Chow (3S2), Pierre Yap Yu Song (3S1), Mrs Sow-Peh Yoke Keow (Lead teacher/Chemistry and Research), Peh Yi En (2A3), Jonathan Lee (2A3), Jeston Ho (2A3).

Organized by the East Zone Science and Technology Centre at Victoria Junior College and sponsored by the A*Star Research Institute, the East Zone A*star Science Fair aims to provide students with the experience of conducting an investigative science project and sharing their findings with others.

In the Open Category for upper secondary students from all local secondary and Integrated Programme schools, the team comprising Kiefer Ong Xian Yao (3S1), Pierre Yap Yu Song (3S1) and Brandon Ong Yen Chow (3S2) clinched the only Gold award. Their project entailed magnetizing carbonized banana peel and synthesizing versatile and eco-friendly adsorbents which can be used to remove atrazine (a herbicide), lead(II) metal ions and brilliant green (a toxic dye) from water. The magnetic property of the adsorbents allows them to be reused for at least 3 cycles with no significant loss in adsorption capability.

From left to right: Dr Ann Chow (Senior Research Scientist, A*star), Pierre Yap Yu Song (3S1), Kiefer Ong Xian Yao (3S1) and Brandon Ong Yen Chow (3S2).

Another team comprising Jonathan Lee Beng Fong, Peh Yi En and Jeston Ho Song Jun (all from 2A3) clinched the Silver award in the Lower Secondary Category with their project entitled “Synthesis Of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Using Grass Extracts For The Removal Of Dyes Via Fenton Like Process”

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