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Hwa Chong Students Delve Into Intricacies Of Urban Design

10 Oct 2019

URA CUBE Challenge

The URA Challenge for the Urban and Built Environment (CUBE) is an annual workshop and competition for junior college and polytechnic students, which enables participants to gain first-hand experience as urban planners and to further inspire a future generation of architects and urban planners.

The 10th CUBE Student Workshop and Competition in 2018 saw students from 16 schools take on the challenge of coming up with a vision for an inclusive town centre and a vibrant gateway at Serangoon Central.

A team of students from Hwa Chong took part in the competition that spanned five days in November 2018.  The team was tasked to come up with creative and viable ideas to redevelop Serangoon Central, keeping in mind the need to incorporate the historical and cultural value of the area.  They worked on possible architectural designs and land use plans before transforming them into a 3D model of the area. Subsequently, they had to explain and defend their ideas to industry professionals such as architects and academics through several rounds of judging. All these culminated in the final round when the team presented their design to a panel of judges and all the participants of the competition.

Their endeavor to interweave the urban demands and cultural fabric of the area led the Hwa Chong team to win the Merit Award.  Through this experience, the students have learnt to appreciate how geography concepts and theories within the classroom can be translated into practice on the ground.

The C2 students who comprised the team were:

Celine Vien Andriana 18A10
Joseph Foo Chee Yang 18A10
Bong Chin Hong Vincent 18A12
Chong Si Hua Xavier 18A12
Seng Yee Ning Josephine 18A12
Dominic Lim Kay Shuen 18S65
Wee Qi An, Glenda 18S65
Lim Han Zhou Arthur 18S69
Lee Tom 18S73

Front row (from left): Seng Yee Ning Josephine (18A12), Celine Vien Andriana (18A10), Wee Qi An, Glenda (18S65) and Bong Chin Hong Vincent (18A12).

Back row (from left): Dominic Lim Kay Shuen (18S65), Joseph Foo Chee Yang (18A10), Chong Si Hua Xavier (18A12), Lee Tom (18S73) and Lim Han Zhou, Arthur (18S69).

Front row (from left): Seng Yee Ning Josephine (18A12), Lee Tom (18S73), Chee Seng (Facilitator), Miss Sara Cai

Back row (from left): Celine Vien Andriana (18A10), Wee Qi An, Glenda (18S65), Chong Si Hua Xavier (18A12), Bong Chin Hong Vincent (18A12), Dominic Lim Kay Shuen (18S65), Lim Han Zhou, Arthur (18S69)

Joseph Foo Chee Yang (18A10) is not in the picture.

Preliminary presentations with mentors and facilitators

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