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Hwa Chong Students Delve into International Relations

22 Aug 2016

The International History Olympiad was held from 17 to 24 July at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, the United States of America. This international competition, organized by the International History Bee and Bowl, aims to bring top history students from around the world together for a week full of various history-based competitions.

Kenneth Sugiarto (16A15) shared that :
          “I have not only expanded my knowledge in history, but also learned how to think through the lens of a historian, not just by looking at events that happened in the past, but also by evaluating different perspectives and factors that contributed to certain events occurring, definitely sharpening my ability to critically analyse facts and events. I have also learned to view history in a way that I seldom thought about: that of viewing it as a narrative. History is more than just a collection of facts, but a sequence of events that join together to tell a story, some small, some which changed the world, for better or for worse.“

We congratulate the team who was ranked 7th in the international competition as well as their teacher in charge, Mr Ian Ong Hong Chin (Education Consultant/ History) on their win.

The team on board the USS Missouri, the largest battleship of the United States navy
Left to Right: Kenneth Sugiarto (16A15), Michael Liu (15S6B), Hou Boyang (15A14), Wang Di (16A14), Tang Zhenyang (16A14)

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