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Hwa Chong Students Clinch Triple Championship in National Crystal Growing Challenge 2018

18 Jun 2018

The finale of the 13th Singapore National Crystal Growing Challenge was held at the NUS Department of Chemistry on Sat, 26 May 2018. This biennial event for secondary school, junior college and polytechnic students aims to foster a deep passion for research in Chemistry amongst youths. Focusing on the crystal growing process, students learn about the chemical processes behind crystallisation as well as the science and art behind the marvelous crystals that we encounter on a daily basis.

A total of 109 teams from 47 schools participated in the challenge in 2018. This year, the students presented ammonium cobalt (II) sulphate hexahydrate crystals for the Junior category which is opened to all secondary schools and sodium zinc sulphate tetrahydrate crystals for the Senior category (opened to all Junior colleges, ITE and polytechnics). In the Open category (opened to all secondary schools, Junior colleges, ITE and polytechnics), they were challenged to grow a “Crystal Tree”.

Hwa Chong did very well in the competition, clinching the champion title across all 3 categories:

In the junior category, the winning team comprised Tan Chern Lin Justin (4S2) and Tin En Hao (4S3).

In the senior category, the winning team comprised Leung Zhi Ying (18S7J) and Grace Wong Ray Shian (18S7J).

Last but not least, the open category’s winning team comprised Gao Wen Zhen, James (4S3) and Yoong Hong Jun, Nicholas (4S3).

Musing on his competition journey, James Gao said: “I have learnt about the intricacies of crystal growing and the techniques in growing stable crystal trees. I have also learnt to be more resourceful in solving problems and to be resilient even after facing multiple failures.”

Junior category:

From left to right: Mrs Sow Yoke Keow (Lead teacher/chemistry and research), Justin Tan (4S2), Tin En Hao (4S3) and Chan Kai En (4S3)

Open category:

From left to right: James Gao (4S3), Mrs Sow Yoke Keow (Lead teacher/chemistry and research), Yoong Hong Jun, Nicholas (4S3), Yap Ming Sheng (4S3) and Roy Chen (4S3).

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