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Hwa Chong Students Clinch First Prize at Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest

18 Sep 2015

A team of 6 Hwa Chong students participated in the Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest, held in Taitung University, Taiwan from 27th to the 30th of July. The 2015 edition of this annual contest saw 31 teams participating in the grand final round. Despite facing intense competition from international competitors, which included teams from Germany, Hong Kong, Nepal, Japan, and Taiwan, our boys excelled and emerged as international champions.

The competition required students to combine academic knowledge with physical strength, endurance, creativity and teamwork to meet the requirements of the final task. Having no materials to begin with, the team had to complete side tasks to earn points which could then be exchanged for materials to be used in their final product. The tasks required the students to apply their skills and knowledge in a variety of areas, including the sciences, humanities, and physical fitness, truly embodying holistic education.

This year’s task transported competitors to 2050, where they had to identify an endangered species, elucidate the threats the species face, and then construct futuristic technology to help save the species. The final product, which is presented as a 4D multimedia website, was then judged for creativity, adherence to task requirements, aesthetic appeal, and functionality.

The team, comprising Ang Jun Yang (15S70), Matthew Lim and Song Mingwei (15A14), Lor Jun Heng(15S7B), Jaye Chan (15S7F), and Alex Cheong (15S7D), displayed resilience and collaboration throughout the tough scenarios to emerge as champions.

Congratulations to the team and their teachers, Mr Tan Chin Leong Vincent (Senior Consultant /Community Projects), and Mrs Chua-Yap Chen Hian Veronica (Director/Well-being) for bringing home yet another World Championship Title for Hwa Chong!

Champions at the Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest

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