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Hwa Chong Students Bring Home Medals from International Olympiads

07 Aug 2017

We would like to congratulate Zhang Zhiyuan (16S7B) for being part of the Singapore team that participated in the 49th International Chemistry Olympiad held in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand from 6 - 15th July 2017. Not only did Zhiyuan win the IUPAC prize for attianing the second highest score in the theory and practical exam, he also clinched a Silver medal, contributing to Team Singapore’s medal tally of 2 Golds and 2 Silvers.

Front Row (from left to right): Mr Chan Kwong Yee, Benjamin (Principal Consultant 2 (Science)),
Dr Hon Chiew Weng (Principal), Zhang Zhiyuan (16S7B), Ms Tan Choon Siew (Senior Consultant/Student Development)

Back Row (from left to right): Mr Lee Gah Hung (Lecturer/Chemistry), Mr Alan Teo Kay Liang (Lecturer/Chemistry), Mr Wee Chorng Shin ((Senior Lecturer/Chemistry)), Mr Lee Song Kee Sam (Senior Lecturer/Chemistry)

We would also like to congratulate Ng Yu Peng (4S1) and Bryan Wang Peng Jun (16S7B) who were part of the 6 member Singapore team ranked 7th position in the 58th International Mathematical Olympiad held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 12 to 23 July.

Yu Peng’s Bronze medal is commendable as he was ranked in the top 22% of contestants from 111 countries. Bryan clinched Hwa Chong’s first ever Gold medal at the Olympiad, where was ranked 14th out of 619 contestants.

Bryan and Yu Peng would like to thank Dr Hon and the school management for their continuous support, teacher mentors for their invaluable guidance, and all their subject teachers for their support in their studies.

Front Row (from left to right): Mr Zong Lixing (Lecturer/Mathematics), Ng Yu Peng (4S1),
Dr Hon Chiew Weng (Principal) and Bryan Wang Peng Jun (16S7B), Ms Gwee Hwee Ngee (Principal Consultant / Mathematics)

Back Row (from left to right): Ms Yu Qian (Lecturer/Mathematics), Mr Ng Say Tiong (Principal Consultant/Mathematics), Dr Ang Lai Chiang (Senior Consultant/Research and China Projects),
Mrs Ang-Chua Ee Ling (Assistant Director/Ortus Consortium), Ms Wang Qian (Lecturer/Mathematics)

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