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Hwa Chong Students Awarded the Singapore Armed Forces Young Leader Award

10 May 2016

The Singapore Armed Forces Young Leader Award (SYLA) recognizes outstanding students who demonstrate academic excellence, display leadership qualities in their co-curricula activities and who are passionate about defence-related issues.

We wish to congratulate the following students below for being awarded the prestigious SYLA and wish them well as they attain their aspirations:

Benjamin Tan Kye Jyn (15S7B)
Bryan Yan Kai Jie (15A14)
Isaac Han Li Yang (15S7D)
Kelly-Ann Lee Jia Ying (15A15)
Tan Jin Hsi, Gabriel (15A14)

Kelly-Ann Lee Jia Ying (15A15) shared that:

        “I am extremely humbled to have been awarded the SAF Young Leaders Award. This would not have been possible without the unwavering support from my family, friends and teachers. Hwa Chong has given me many opportunities to develop my capabilities as a leader for which I am extremely grateful.”

Isaac Han Li Yang (15S7D) added that:

        “I am privileged to have been chosen for the SAF Young Leader Award. It is a tremendous honour for me, and is an achievement that stems from the strong support I have from my teachers, friends and family. I am deeply appreciative and sincerely grateful.”

From Left to Right: Colonel Lau Boon Ping, Deputy Director (MINDEF Personnel Policy), Mrs Chin Bee Kuan (Deputy Principal/ Studies), Tan Jin Hsi Gabriel, Bryan Yan Kai Jie, Isaac Han Li Yang, Kelly-Ann Lee Jia Ying, Benjamin Tan Kye Jyn , Mr Chan Kwok Leong (Deputy Principal, Student Development), Lieutenant Colonel Stanley Ng, MINDEF Scholarship Centre

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