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Hwa Chong Students Awarded PSC Scholarships For Holistic Excellence

20 Jul 2018

The Class of 2017 achieved excellent academic results by attaining a mean University Admission Point (UAP) of 87.5. Having served an average of 112 hours in community service, the class of 2017 exemplifies the best of both academic excellence and service with compassion.

This year, a total of 28 scholarships were awarded to Hwa Chong students by the Public Service Commission (PSC). The prestigious PSC Scholarship is awarded to “people with integrity” and a “strong commitment to the public service”, with many PSC scholars becoming leaders in the civil service. Similarly, our wish is for every Hwachongian to contribute and serve society, by effecting social change and upholding the values of the nation.

Three Hwa Chongians were also awarded the Singapore Armed Forces Scholarship. Continuing a tradition of excellence, Hwa Chong students have once again garnered more than a quarter of all scholarships awarded by PSC, a testament to Hwa Chong’s commitment to holistic excellence.

We would like to congratulate the following Hwa Chong alumni and their teachers for all their hard work. We also wish our alumni the best as they continue their studies.

No. Name Class University / Country Course of Study
1. Au Wei Hoe 16A14 United Kingdom Law
2. Chan Qiu Qing 16A15 National University of Singapore Political Science/Global Studies
3. Goh Choon Guan 14S7C Nanyang Technological University Accountancy and Business
4. Guo Aiyun 16S7F University of Cambridge Engineering
5. Keefe Ng Wee Siong 16S74 To be confirmed To be confirmed
6. Kimberley Chia Qin 16A14 London School of Economics Politics and Economics
7. Lee Wen Kym 16S6G University of Oxford Law
8. Lim Hong Cheng, Joshua 16A15 London School of Economics Politics and Philosophy
9. Lim Jing Wei, Nicholas 16S7F Brown University Computer Science
10. Louis Chew Yue Pin 16S7J United Kingdom To be confirmed
11. Lydia He Shun Zhe 16S6Q Imperial College London Computing
12. Markus Leo 16S6Q King’s College London Politics
13. Nicole Wong Yifei 16A14 Germany To be confirmed
14. Phua Jue Yu Jade 16A15 University College London Geography and Economics
15. Richard Xiong Jun Wei 16S7B Imperial College London Computing – Artificial Intelligence
16. Roy Xiao Hongze 16A14 London School of Economics Economic History with Economics
17. Sharmaine Koh Mingli 16A14 Yale University History and Politics
18. Shi Peng Yi Penny 16A15 Stanford University Urban Studies
19. Tan Cheng Hin 16S6G London School of Economics Economics
20. Tan Hong Kai 15S65 Yale-NUS College Philosophy, Politics and Economics
21. Tan Joshua 16S69 United States Computer Science
22. Tan Ru Chuan, Zane 16S7J Singapore Management University Economics with Sociology/Political Science/Psychology
23. Tang Zhen Yang 16A14 London School of Economics Politics and Economics
24. Thung You Xuan 16A14 University of Cambridge Economics
25. Wong Le Yi Joy 12S7D National University of Singapore Medicine
26. Wong Tze Sheng, Milton 16A15 London School of Economics Politics and International Relations
27. Wong Yu Jun, Zane 16A14 London School of Economics Social Policy and Economics
28. Yip Sze Kay 16A15 National University of Singapore English Literature and Philosophy

Second row (from left to right)
Shi Peng Yi Penny, Phua Jue Yu, Guo Aiyun, Lydia He Shun Zhe, Tan Joshua, Tan Ru Chuan, Zane, Tan Hong Kai, Lim Jing Wei, Nicholas, Tang Zhen Yang, Roy Xiao Hongze, Thung You Xuan, Wong Yu Jun, Zane, Lim Hong Cheng, Joshua, Tan Cheng Hin, Goh Choon Guan, Louis Chew Yue Pin, Wong Tze Sheng, Milton

First row (from left to right):
Markus Leo, Kimberley Chia Qin, Nicole Wong Yifei, Sharmaine Koh Mingli, Lee Wen Kym, Mr Sim Weiheng (Education Consultant/Student Development), Dr Melvyn Lim (Deputy Principal/Student Development), Mr Pang Choon How (Principal), Miss Tan Choon Siew (Senior Consultant/Student Development), Keefe Ng Wee Siong, Au Wei Hoe, Wong Le Yi Joy, Chan Qiu Qing, Yip Sze Kay

Not in the photo: Richard Xiong Jun Wei

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