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Hwa Chong Students Awarded PSC Scholarship

19 Jul 2019

The Class of 2017 achieved excellent academic results by attaining a mean University Admission Point (UAP) of 87.5. Demonstrating holistic excellence, 300 Hwa Chong students from the class of 2017, more than a quarter of the cohort, were also awarded the Diploma with Distinction. This year, a total of 23 out of 93 scholarships were awarded to Hwa Chong students by the Public Service Commission (PSC). The prestigious PSC Scholarship is awarded to “people with integrity” and a “strong commitment to the public service”, with many PSC scholars becoming leaders in the civil service. Similarly, our wish is for every Hwachongian to contribute and serve society, by effecting social change and upholding the values of the nation.

In addition this year, 2 Hwachongians were awarded the Singapore Police Force Scholarship (SPFS), one of which is also the first female recipient of the SPF scholarship since it was inaugurated. Continuing a tradition of excellence, Hwa Chong students have once again been conferred close to a quarter of all scholarships awarded by PSC, a testament to Hwa Chong’s commitment to holistic excellence.

We would like to congratulate the following Hwa Chong alumni and their teachers for all their hard work. We also wish our alumni the best as they continue their studies.

Front row (from left to right):  Neo Xuan Ling, Jeanne Ouyang Jian Jun, Yiik Chia, Benjamin Tan Kye Jyn, Dr Melvyn Lim (Deputy Principal / Student Development), Mr Pang Choon How (Principal), Mr Hong Wee Seng Jeffrey (Principal Consultant / Mother Tongue Language), Miss Tan Choon Siew (Senior Consultant / Student Development), Ng Wei, Ooi Ren An, Yang Chun Wei
Back row (from left to right): Cheng Wan Li, Joel Soh Xi Jie, Chen Jiamin, Tan Sin Lu, Benita Wong Zi Xin, Yip Hui Bing (Priscilla), Chen Mei Jie, Lim Si Yin, Ng Tze Ling, Lee Si Nong, Janessa Phua Pei Xuan, Ang Shermaine, Wee Yun Zheng

Name University Course of Study
Ang Shermaine University of Oxford History
Benita Wong Zi Xin National University of Singapore Electrical Engineering With Data Analytics
Chen Jiamin Fudan University International Politics
Chen Mei Jie Nanyang Technological University Renaissance Engineering Programme
Cheng Wan Li Peking University Chinese Language & Literature
Janessa Phua Pei Xuan Singapore Management University Law
Jeanne Ouyang Jian Jun Singapore Management University Accountancy
Joel Soh Xi Jie United Kingdom Chemistry & Mathematics
Lee Si Nong University College London Anthropology
Lim Si Yin Tsinghua University Economics
Neo Xuan Ling Peking University International Relations
Ng Tze Ling Carnegie Mellon University Decision Science
Ng Wei United Kingdom Law
Ng Zi Ling University of Cambridge Human, Social and Political Science
Ooi Ren An University of Cambridge Engineering
Tan Sin Lu Fudan University International Relations
Wee Yun Zheng United States of America Engineering
Yang Chun Wei United States of America Computer Science
Yiik Chia Nanyang Technological University Psychology & Biological Sciences
Yip Hui Bing (Priscilla) Imperial College London Mathematics
Benjamin Tan Kye Jyn National University of Singapore Medicine
Lam, Sze Tung, Walter National University of Singapore Medicine
Kai Ling Phyllis Brown Hopkins-Nanjing Center International Studies

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