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Hwa Chong Students Awarded PSC Scholarship

14 Aug 2015

The Class of 2014 achieved excellent academic results, achieving a median University Admission Point (UAP) of 86.63 out of 90. In other words, the average Hwa Chong student attained 3 distinctions and 1 B for all of their H2 subjects, making them eligible for admission to any top universities locally and overseas.

Serving an average of 110 hours in community service, the class of 2014 brings together the best of both academic excellence and service with compassion.

In celebrating holistic education, 18 Hwa Chong students have also been awarded the Public Service Commission (PSC) Scholarships. The prestigious PSC scholarship is awarded to “people with integrity” and a “strong commitment to the public service”, with many PSC scholars becoming leaders in the civil service. Similarly, our wish is for every Hwachongian to contribute and serve society, by effecting social change and upholding the values of the nation.

This year, Hwa Chongians were also awarded three Singapore Armed Forces  Scholarships, formerly known as the Singapore Armed Forces Overseas Scholarship (SAFOS), the highest number among all JCs; as well as a Singapore Police Force  Scholarship, formerly the Singapore Police Force Overseas Scholarship (SPFOS). These awards are second only to the President’s Scholarships.

We would like to congratulate the following Hwa Chong alumni and their teachers for all their hard work. We also wish our alumni the best as they continue their tertiary studies.

No. Name Scholarship Offer
1 Lee Dao Ming Singapore Armed Forces Scholarship
2 Aloysius Oh Shengxun Singapore Armed Forces Scholarship
3 Russell Ewe Yuhang Singapore Armed Forces Scholarship
4 Long Jun Da, Darrel Singapore Police Force Scholarship
5 Ang Hui Xuan Pearly PSC Scholarship
6 Heng Yi Xin PSC Scholarship
7 Chiang Yan Li PSC Scholarship
8 Loh Ying Han, Andrew PSC Scholarship
9 Koay Xinyi PSC Scholarship
10 Sabrina Lee Shi Min PSC Scholarship
11 Chua Yi Zhe Gabriel PSC Scholarship
12 Lau De Hao, Marcus PSC Scholarship
13 Lim Yu Xin PSC Scholarship
14 Lai Yi Kit Faith Christine PSC Scholarship
15 Teo Bei Lin PSC Scholarship
16 Lim Tze Etsuko PSC Scholarship (Legal Service) (Legal Service)
17 Ong Xin Jie PSC Scholarship (Legal Service) (Legal Service)
18 Goh Hui Min PSC Scholarship (Teaching Service)


Our 2015 PSC Scholarship Awardees at the Award Ceremony

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