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Hwa Chong Students Awarded Defence Scholarships Awards 2017

31 Jul 2017

The inaugural Defence Scholarship Awards ceremony was held on 24 July at the Istana. This was the first combined undergraduate scholarships award ceremony held for MINDEF/SAF and DSTA/DSO.

We would like to extend our congratulations to the 12 Hwa Chong recipients below on their dedication to the nation’s security and defence.

First Row (From Left to Right): Ng Ting Si, Teresa, Loh Jia Yi, Goh Rui Yu, Adeline, Yeong Qian Hui,
Dr Hon Chiew Weng, Yoke Kai We

Second Row (From Left to Right): Sebastian Tan Jun Jie, Cheong Zhi Bing Mervyn,
Darryl Hwang Jun Siang, Pang Shi Quan, Jack Chen Yu Jie, Wu Jing Xiang, James, Teo Wei Zheng

Name Scholarship
Loh Jia Yi SAF Scholarship
Cheong Zhi Bing Mervyn SAF Merit Scholarship
Darryl Hwang Jun Siang SAF Merit Scholarship
Pang Shi Quan SAF Engineering Scholarship
Sebastian Tan Jun Jie SAF Engineering Scholarship
Ng Ting Si, Teresa Defence Merit Scholarship
Goh Rui Yu, Adeline Defence Merit Scholarship
Yeong Qian Hui Defence Merit Scholarship
Wu Jing Xiang, James Defence Merit Scholarship
Yoke Kai We DSTA Scholarship
Jack Chen Yu Jie DSTA Scholarship
Teo Wei Zheng DSTA Scholarship

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