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Hwa Chong Student Utilizes Illuminating Muse For Art

25 Jan 2017
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The Sovereign Art Foundation (SAF) was established with a well-defined twin focus: to recognize the growing wealth of contemporary art talent in Asia, and bring the proven benefits of art therapy to underprivileged children.

In a bid to encourage and support artistic talented students, The Sovereign Art Foundation organized The Sovereign Art Students Prize.

In this competition, all artworks were assessed by a panel comprising local art professionals, who shortlisted 20 finalists across 2 categories (Secondary School and Higher Institution). The finalists’ works were exhibited at @singapore. contemporary! from 20 to 22 January 2017.

We would like to congratulate Zhu Ziyi (16S64); winner of the Secondary School category with his work “Outgoing”.

Ziyi revealed that the muse for his painting was himself. He shared that:
          “Although I am actually introverted by nature, I have always tried to go beyond my comfort zone, to improve my character positively… Art has allowed me to express the fear and anxiety that I faced during this process of self-discovery."

He also remarked that: "If there is to be someone else living inside me, let it be someone better.'

“This quote represents the concept behind the painting, and my own mantra in life," he added.

Ziyi would like to express his gratitude towards his teachers for their guidance. He would also like to thank his friends and classmates "for always being there, through both rain and sunshine."

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