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Hwa Chong Student is Top-Ranked Singaporean at International Biology Olympiad

20 Aug 2015

Daniel Tan Chee Hian (14S7B) represented Singapore at the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) from 12-19 July in Aarhus, Denmark, and was awarded a Gold medal for his performance. He was also ranked 4th overall in the world, making him the top-ranked Singaporean at this edition of the IBO. Team Singapore won a total of 3 Gold and 1 Silver medals.

The IBO is an annual event where students all over the world compete on their knowledge of biology, and students must be placed as top four in their respective National Biology Olympiads to qualify. It aims to promote an interest and passion for biology, and stimulate talented young people in the field of biology research.

Congratulations to Daniel and his teachers, Mrs Foo-Lam Woon Keat (Director/Studies (JC)), Mrs Tay-Choo Lay Kheng Cindy (Senior Teacher/Biology), Ms Ong Lay Hua (Senior Consultant/Biology), and Ms Liu Xi (Lecturer/Biology), for doing the nation proud!

Hwa Chong Student Represents Singapore at International Chemistry Olympiad

The 47th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) was held from 20-29 July in Baku, Azerbaijan, and Team Singapore emerged with 1 Gold and 3 Silver medals. Lim Song Jie, Bram (14S7B) was part of the national team and won a Silver medal.

The IChO aims to stimulate the activities of students interested in chemistry by way of the independent and creative solution of chemical problems. It also helps facilitate networking among young adults of different nationalities, encouraging cooperation and fostering international understanding.

Congratulations to Bram and his teachers, Mr Lee Song Kee Sam (Senior Teacher/Chemistry), Ms Bobillier Sophie Marie Christine (Education Consultant/SMTP), and Mr Ah Sen Rudy Lee Chong Tai (Lecturer/Chemistry), for an excellent achievement!

Our international representatives, Daniel and Bram, with Dr Hon, Mrs Chin, and Mr Chan after the medal presentation

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