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Hwa Chong scouts awarded prestigious President’s Scout Award 2011

23 Nov 2011

Hwa Chong is proud to announce that five of our students from the Hwa Chong Scout Group have been awarded the President's Scout Award, the highest rank in the Singapore Scout Association. This year, 5 of 8 President's Scout Awards are from Hwa Chong.

HCVS has produced 107 President's Scouts to date, a record amongst all schools in Singapore.

This award is only presented to scouts who have shown themselves to be worthy of this award by completing a determined list of accomplishments, including a training camp and an interview.

These students are:

Lo Sheng Hong (10S67)
Ng Yin Hong (10S70)
Lieu Shi Yang (10S64)
Wan Tze Chien Collin (10S6H)
Ng Jun Da Nelson (10S65)

Congratulations to our students and their teacher-in-charge, Ms Boey Soek Beng!

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