Hwa Chong Institution Scales New Peaks of Global Excellence

27 Oct 2016

For over 97 years, Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) is proud to have nurtured countless enterprising servant leaders with a sense of purpose, passion, and compassion. Representing the best of East and West, generations of Hwa Chong students have remained steadfast to the school’s core values of giving back to society.

We are honored to be the first school to be conferred the Singapore Quality Award with Special Commendation. The award recognizes Hwa Chong’s sustained global leadership, and is conferred on organisations that have scaled greater heights of excellence over the past five years. HCI would not have been able to achieve global standards of excellence without the support of many stakeholders and partners.

We are grateful to the Hwa Chong Board of Directors, HCI Board of Governors, HCIS Board/Directors, Hwa Chong Seniors’ Club, Hwa Chong Alumni Association, Hwa Chong Junior College Alumni, the Ministry of Education, partners, alumni, staff, parents, students and the Hwa Chong community for their unwavering support.

自强不息,登峰造极,  造福社群


      97年辛勤耕耘,华中培育无数具备企业精神的仆人型领袖。他们学贯中西,热爱生活, 品德高尚,富同理心。华中子弟秉承饮水思源的优良传统,回馈社会,造福人群,让我们引以为傲。



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