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Hwa Chong Excels Yet Again at the 2011 GCE A-Level Examinations

02 Mar 2012

Hwa Chong Institution has excelled once again in the Sciences, Humanities, Math and Project Work at the 2011 GCE A-Level Examinations.

We have produced 2 of Singapore's top scorers with 9 distinctions at 13 AUs.

For five years running, we have more than 200 students with 7 Distinctions and better.

We have produced our best results in 10 years in H2 Physics with a national record of 5 Institute of Physics Gold Medals.

Over half the cohort of 1200 has scored at least 3 H2 Distinctions, making them eligible for admission to top universities worldwide like Oxbridge and the Ivy League or equivalent.

In fact, even before the release of the A-Level results, the Class of 2011 saw over 70 students receiving provisional offers from some of the most prestigious overseas universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Peking, Tsinghua and Fudan.

HCI Principal Dr Hon and Deputy Principals with students scoring 8 Distinctions and better



We are particularly proud that many of our student leaders, young scientists, social entrepreneurs, sportsmen and women have done exceedingly well this year, despite their heavy commitments in their CCAs.

Here are highlights of a few of these exceptional Hwa Chong students:


  • 7 Distinctions
  • President of the Students' Council
  • Best Business Idea at the HCI-GSK-EDB Entrepreneurship Challenge
  • EDB scholar who hopes to read Economics in Michigan, USA


  • 7 Distinctions
  • Chairperson of the Students' Council Publication Committee
  • Represented Singapore at the Sciences Po Europe Asia Conference
  • PSC Overseas Merit Scholarship and hopes to read Economics in Princeton

NG LI KI (黄立奇) 10A15

  • 6 Distinctions
  • Represented Singapore and emerged 2nd runner up and CHAMPION respectively at the World Schools Debating Championship and inaugural Eurasian Schools Debating Championship
  • President of the Hwa Chong Green Council and a Student Councillor
  • Provisional PSC-Singapore Police Forces Overseas Scholarship with conditional offer to read Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University

LING HAN (林晗) 10S69

  • 8 Distinctions
  • Captain of the Hwa Chong Squash team
  • SCCCI Best Bicultural Studies Programme Student Award
  • Provisional PSC (China) Scholarship to read International Relations at Peking University


  • 8 Distinctions
  • Published 5 articles in peer-reviewed journals
  • An outstanding Science researcher, he is waiting to file a patent at A*STAR
  • Unconditional offer from Stanford University and provisional scholarship offers from A*STAR, DSTA, Spring Singapore and the Ministry of Home Affairs


  • 9 Distinctions
  • Awarded the prestigious Young Defence Scientists Programme Academic Awards for Physics/Mathematics
  • Science Students' Research Council


  • 7 Distinctions
  • Chairperson of the CIP Executive Committee.
  • Vice-Chairman of the Law Society and a member of the Youth Leaders Experiential Programme.
  • Provisional PSC Scholarship and a conditional offer from University College London
  • Intends to pursue a career in Law and Public Service

YEO BING LIN (杨秉霖) 10S6H

  • 7 Distinctions
  • Member of the 2011 National Inter-school 'A' Division Championship-winning water-polo team
  • Provisional Singapore Armed Forces Overseas Scholarship and intends to read Chemical Engineering in University of Michigan


  • 7 Distinctions
  • Ares Faculty Head
  • NUS University Scholars' Programme to read Business

YONG YI XIANG (杨宇翔) 10S79

  • 6 Distinctions
  • World Champion at the World Junior Wushu Championships in 2009 and 2010
  • Hopes to read Medicine in the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in NUS

KHOR SHI-JIE (许十界) 10S7F

  • 9 Distinctions
  • Team World Champion at International Regions Mathematics League 2011
  • Mathematics and Computer Science in NUS


Our students continue to do very well after they graduate from Hwa Chong.

Between 2009 and 2012, thirteen Hwa Chong alumni topped Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford, University College London, King's College London, London School of Economics, the world-renowned US Military Academy at West Point, and Shanghai Fudan University.

These include students like Yuen Pak Man, who was awarded the Frederick Emmons Terman Engineering Scholastic Award 2012, Stanford's highest undergraduate academic honour awarded those who graduate in the top 5% of the engineering class.

Pak Man said, "Hwa Chong will always have a special place in my heart. I am grateful for those six years in many ways. Hwa Chong's academic rigor, entrepreneurial spirit and emphasis on values bring out the very best in every Hwa Chongian".

Cong Lin was named Harvard's Most Promising Graduate in 2009.

Cong Lin said, "Both Hwa Chong and Harvard provided me a well-rounded education. There were unrivalled opportunities for co-curricular activities, research endeavours, and community service. I am fortunate to receive much love from my parents, as well as help from my teachers and friends in Hwa Chong".

The results this year have been outstanding, and these excellent results would also not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all our teachers.

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