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Hwa Chong Educator Conferred Inspiring Teacher Award

16 Oct 2016

We extend our heartiest congratulations to Mrs Chan-Lim Yin Shin (Principal Consultant 1/English) who has been awarded the Inspiring Teacher of English Award (Leadership Award-Junior College Category). This award is a national award for English teachers in Singapore schools that acknowledges teachers who ignite a love for the English language and are effective in helping their students speak and write accurately.

Mrs Chan believes in the importance of both getting to know her teachers as individuals and also understanding her students’ varied learning needs. She also promotes the use of Standard English in school, making available a variety of resources and learning checkpoints to draw students’ attention to the use of correct grammar and felicitous expression. A dedicated educator, her teaching philosophy exemplifies her care and concern for students:

          “I keep to two tenets about teaching: to always have the overall well-being of the student at heart, and to always make learning meaningful. Teaching is about impacting lives, and I find it important to centre the reason for our teaching and for students’ learning on the development of the person. Students work and learn better when they believe that their learning has value. When students discover that what they are learning has meaning in today’s world, they are more engaged and motivated to strengthen their skills.”

Being a passionate English tutor at the same time, she shared that:
          “I enjoy teaching General Paper because it is about getting youths to make sense of the world, in a critical and reflective manner. I hope that as they explore various issues, they gain a deeper understanding of and are able to articulate why these issues matter, and want to make a difference to society beyond the school, in the future.”

Mrs Tan-Tiang Ai Chin (Dean/Research Studies) nominated Mrs Chan for being an inspiration to both students and the department because:
          “She is a leader who pays attention to details and is a strong planner and innovator. She inspires her teachers through leading by example and has built a purposeful and cohesive team. Under her able leadership, the English department has continued to produce impressive results and innovations.”

Mrs Chan-Lim Yin Shin (Principal Consultant 1/English) (Third from left) with the rest of the award recipients

From Left to Right: Dr Janil Puthucheary (Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information and Ministry of Education), Dr Hon Chiew Weng (Principal, Hwa Chong Institution), Mrs Chan-Lim Yin Shin (Principal Consultant 1/English), Mr Goh Eck Kheng (Chairman of Speak Good English Movement)

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