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Hwa Chong Alumni Lead With Compassion

08 Aug 2019

We would like to congratulate the following Hwa Chong students for clinching the prestigious Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Defence Scholarships.

Of noteworthy mention is Sim Jo Ann, Eleanor (17S7J) who was the only recipient conferred the inaugural MHA Merit Scholarship (MMS) offered under the Singapore Government Scholarship sub-category.

The MMS is awarded to individuals who are passionate about contributing to Singapore’s safety and security in civilian appointments such as psychology, intelligence and commercial affairs.

MHA Scholarships

Name CT MHA Scholarship Type Course/ University
Ang Shermaine 17A14 The SPF Scholarship History, University of Oxford
Yiik Chia 17S7A The SPF Scholarship Psychology with Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University
Lin Lejia 17S6K Home Team Science & Technology Scholarship Computer Science, Nanyang Technological University
Sim Jo Ann, Eleanor 17S7J Ministry of Home Affairs Scholarship (Singapore Government Scholarship) Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology

From left to right: Eleanor Sim Jo Ann, Lin Lejia, Dr Melvyn Lim (Deputy Principal, Student Development), Yiik Chia, Shermaine Ang.

Defence Scholarships

Name CT Scholarship Type
Ng Wen Kai 16S7G SAF Merit Scholarship
Aaron Toh Yan Jie 16S60 SAF Merit Scholarship
Cham Yee Shuen 16S6K SAF Engineering Scholarship
Lincoln Lau 17A14 Defence Merit Scholarship
Teo Pei Qin 17S75 Defence Merit Scholarship
Ang Wei Jun Bryan 15S7H DSTA Scholarship
Foo Xin Yue 17S62 DSTA Scholarship
Samuel Leong Chee Weng 15S6G DSTA Scholarship
Lim Ming Chong 15S67 DSTA Scholarship
Low Fang Ming 17S6G DSTA Scholarship
Sherie Low Wenn Lynn 17S7F DSTA Scholarship
Ng Tze Shuen 16S68 DSTA Scholarship
Ng Yi Hong 15S68 DSTA Scholarship
Ng Zhia Yang 15S6J DSTA Scholarship
Ong Si Min 17S7B DSTA Scholarship
Tan Jin Jie Ryan 15S6H DSTA Scholarship
Tang Shuqin, Esther 17S7F DSTA Scholarship
Toh Wei Xiong 15S7J DSTA Scholarship

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