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Hwa Chong Student Athletes Strive to Bring the Nation Glory at the 28th Sea Games

08 Jun 2015
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By Zhao Jiayi 15A15, Rachel Kok 15S65

Singapore is showcasing her sporting prowess at the 28th Sea Games in June 2015 and Hwa Chong is proud of our student athletes who are representing the nation during these Games:

Sport Name CG
Fencing Choy Yu Yong 14S67
Fencing Kevin Jerrold Chan 15S7B
Gymnastics Janessa Dai Min Yi 15S7G
Shooting Chan Dian Ting Royce 15A10
Track & Field Joel Koh Zhi Xuan 14S61
Track & Field Genis Phoa Jie 14S63
Track & Field Ong Sim Hao 15S6C
Wushu Lee Zhe Xuan, Etienne 14S63


Furthermore, many of our alumni and teacher athletes are donning national colours, and we wish them the best at their respective events!

As the SEA Games draws to a close, we wish to congratulate all Hwa Chongians for their sportsmanship and contribution to the nation. Flying both the Hwa Chong and the Singapore flag high, our athletes have blazed new trails.

The representation of Hwa Chong students and alumni at the 28th SEA Games is as follows:

  • A total of 44 HCI alumni (36) and current students (8) represented Team Singapore in the SEA Games.
  • They contributed to the nation’s 7 gold, 10 silver, and 11 bronze medals.
  • Notable achievement by Raymond Scott Lee, the current Angus Ross winner, who also achieved his personal best time in the 400m Hurdles.


The Hwa Chong Publications Society had the chance to speak to one of our student athletes – Genis Phoa – amidst her busy training and competition schedules and learnt more about her philosophy in sports.

Genis Phoa

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” This line nicely captures Genis Phoa’s approach towards her sport, the javelin. Javelin-throwing has never been an easy endeavour for Genis, but she has learnt to take the challenges in her stride. Indeed, from overcoming various adversities and obstacles, she emerged as a calm sportswoman, able to face all these difficulties with fortitude and resilience. Driven by passion and the people who have supported her thus far – she humbly expresses her gratitude to her family, friends and coaches – Genis is optimistic and enthused about the SEA Games, and is aiming for a personal best to bring glory to the nation.

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