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HCI Students Fuel Their Interest in Mathematics

26 Jul 2016

The Singapore International Mathematics Challenge (SIMC) is a biennial international Mathematics event that provides opportunities to fuel students’ interest in Mathematics. It allows students to not only showcase and pit their skills in the application of mathematics, but also have the chance to interact in both social and cultural activites.

Out of 62 schools from 30 countries, the team comprising Hu Xinchun (15S7D), Yu Letian (15S7D) , Lyu Liang (15S7F) and Wang Shuwei (16S6F) attained both the Distinction award and Best Mathematical Modelling Special Award.

We extend our congratulations to the team and their teacher mentor Mr Lee Yung Hei (Lecturer/Mathematics) on their win and commend them on what they have learnt beyond the applications of mathematical modelling in the world.

As Hu Xinchun (15S7D) commented:
          “This competition revealed the true beauty of Mathematics: a framework which is both structured and imaginative for understanding the world.”

(From left to right) Prof. Imre Bennett Leader (Trinity College, University of Cambridge), Lyu Liang (15S7F),
Wang Shuwei (16S6F) Yu Letian (15S7D), Hu Xinchun (15S7D)

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