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HCI Students Engage in a Worthy Cause

20 Jul 2016

Chan Jun Jie 16S62

Initiated by former President S R Nathan in 2000 and continued by President Tony Tan in 2012, the President’s Challenge is a fund raising movement supported by the kindness and generosity of people from all walks of life, under the President’s patronage, to help the less fortunate. Each year, President's Challenge runs a fund-raising campaign for the beneficiaries selected every year by the President's Office. 57 charities have been selected to benefit from the funds that will be raised for the President’s Challenge this year.

As part of the President’s Challenge, on 6th July, the CIP council from Hwa Chong Institution (College) set up a booth for their chosen beneficiary, the Red Pencil at the Istana’s Open House. The Red Pencil is a Non-Governmental Organization that aims to promote expression and improve well-being through the creative process of Art Therapy. By offering Polaroid photograph services, selling merchandise and letting the public design their own tote bags after purchase, the Council sought to raise awareness for the cause. The event was a meaningful activity for the Council and its volunteers, made especially fulfilling by the funds raised for a worthy cause.

President Dr. Tony Tan adding the finishing touches to a painting on a tote bag as HCI student Lui Kai Siang (16S66) looks on.

From Left to Right (Back Row): Amanda Fu Simin (16S7A), Chan Jun Jie (16S62), Ellie Lew Yiting (16S75), Chin Jun Wuen (16S63), Lui Kai Siang (16S66)
Front Row: President Dr. Tony Tan and his wife

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