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11 May 2017

Chen Ming Kai (17S7F), has clinched the top prize for the School’s Category for the 5th Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions. Centered on the topic of “Clocks”, his entry AION, comprised a 3D-printed model of a pendulum clock with fully movable physically accurate mechanisms. Other than its aesthetic appeal, the model aims to demonstrate the ability of 3D-printing technology to prototype and build complex mechanical parts that can be used in various fields involving engineering or design.

Winning Entry AION (Greek Deity of Time and Eternity)

Ming Kai received his prize money of $5000 from Associate Professor Dr Yaacob Ibrahim on 29 April during the award ceremony (held in conjunction with Tech Saturday (Upsize)) held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center.

This is the second time that a Hwa Chong student has submitted a winning entry. The first was by Lu Zhen (13S7D) in 2014, with his winning entry on “Architecture”. His entry can be viewed here

From Left to Right: Lu Zhen (13S7D), Chen MingKai ((17S7F)

Ming Kai shared that:
          “This competition was a long and arduous journey, involving countless hours sitting in front of a computer clicking away at CAD software, trudging through tedious calculations, or grinding away at plastic objects with power tools and machinery. However, at the same time it was greatly enjoyable, and I am glad to have taken part in it. 3D-printing and design is what I am really, really interested in, so this competition has been a great opportunity for me to explore my area of passion in greater depth. Through my research, I have learnt so much about 3D design techniques, as well as about mechanics and engineering in general. “

Ming Kai expresses his utmost gratitude to Mdm Chua Chai Siew Adeline and Mdm Foo Mei Hua from the SRC who have helped him tremendously throughout the tedious process of using the 3D printers in the laboratory to test-print and prototype his design and Lu Zhen, a senior studying at the Nanyang Technology of University (NTU) who has, with his experience in 3D-printing, offered him countless tips, ideas and advice. He is also very thankful to his mentor, Dr Lim Jit Ning ( Senior Consultant/ Research) and the school for giving him the opportunity to participate in this competition.

Chen Ming Kai (17S7F) (third from right) with Professor Chua Chee Kai, Executive Director of the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing at NTU (far right)

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