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27 Sep 2018

Photograph Credits: Iann 2i1

Makerspace@Hwa Chong was declared open on 25 September 2018 by Mrs Chia Ban Tin, Superintendent for the W6 Cluster, Ministry of Education.

The Makerspace @ HCI aims to nurture empathetic, creative and collaborative lifelong learners who see opportunity through the needs of their community. The intention is to support student learning with Maker Education, by providing students opportunities to acquire design and making skills through hands-on activities and multidisciplinary projects.

Programmes in Maker Education @HwaChong fall into three main categories:

  1. Makerspace Core: mandatory foundational course, with a focus on safety, for students who want to use the Makerspace
  2. Maker Plus: Design courses that familiarize students with design process and basic techniques and specialized courses for students who want to acquire specific skills
  3. Maker SOS: appointment-based sessions to provide students with technical support during the course of their projects.

Maker Education @HwaChong can support existing school programmes such as:

  1. Project Work (Inventions, Resource Development, Creative Arts, STEM, Service Learning categories): facilities enable students to carry out light-prototyping work or make products in relation to their projects. In the long run, students will be introduced to digital fabrication through workshops conducted by teachers and/or vendors.
  2. Infocomm Studies (Use of Micro-Bits, Arduino module)
  3. Science curriculum (Physics, Lower Sec Science)
  4. Sec 1 Thinking Programme (Design Thinking component)
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