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Environmental Enthusiasts Foster Love For Nature

08 Sep 2020

NParks Schools Awards

From left to right: Quek Chui Qing (19S7D), ), Dawn Lee Yi Xin (19S7F), Wang Yi En (19A15),
Chang Yu Xin (19A15), Tan Teong Seng (19S7D)

We would like to commend Project Cynefin comprising Quek Chui Qing (19S7D), Dawn Lee Yi Xin (19S7F), Wang Yi En (19A15), Tan Teong Seng (19S7D) and Chang Yu Xin (19A15) for clinching the Student of the Year (Secondary  Schools / Junior Colleges ) in the Community in Nature Schools Awards 2020 by NParks. Their self-initiated interest group project seeks to raise awareness of Singapore’s vibrant biodiversity and flourishing wildlife among their schoolmates as well as members of the public through nature walks and biodiversity exhibitions.

Noticing that most of the students in school tended to lead a frenetic pace of life without taking the time to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature , they wanted to plant that seed of curiosity and spark of inquisitiveness in many to appreciate the speediest of Grey-rumped Treeswifts zooming in between sturdy pillars, or the tiniest of Grass Blue butterflies fluttering between our feet.

As a result, this group of passionate individuals conducted intertidal walks at Changi Coastal Walk and Sentosa to provide a foretaste of marine wildlife on our shores and carried out a Coastal clean-up event, while connecting the experience to pertinent issues like land reclamation and marine pollution.

Intertidal Walk

In addition, during last year’s National Day celebrations, they showcased a few life specimens in hopes of spreading awareness about the various species (fish, butterflies and other arthropods) and their habitats amid the backdrop of threats to our biodiversity.


Working closely with NParks personnel, the appreciation for flora and fauna continued with an engaging nature cum heritage walk along the Green Corridor near Hwa Chong; which proved to be an enlightening experience for members of the public with the plethora of wildlife encountered.

Green Corridor Nature Walk

Project Cynefin (which means both “habitat” in Welsh) was started to familiarize the school population with Singapore’s natural habitat. As with many other Hwa Chong environmental enthusiasts both past and present, the group would like more Hwachongians to contribute to conserving the environment in their own way. They shared that:
“With all we have done so far, we hope that we have created a momentum that goes on to inspire more to appreciate nature, and continue to be more greatly involved in it. ”

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