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Enduring Friendships, Timeless Values: Class 4C of ‘76 Reunites

17 Feb 2016

Ng Wei Ai (15A15) and Matthew Ng Cheng En (15S6G)

Since Class 4C of 1976 graduated, many of the doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs who emerged from its ranks have relocated to various parts of the world. Yet their friendships have endured - they keep in touch to this day. On 30 January 2016, they gathered to revisit their fond memories of Hwa Chong.

After forty years, many alumni could still remember their seating arrangement in class and even sing the school song. The school’s motto, 自强不息, remains their source of motivation and guidance to grapple with  the challenges of the world after graduation. It is evident that Hwa Chong has been invaluable in shaping the values closest to their hearts.

Mr Loh Jwee Poh, who currently heads soya bean retailer Mr Bean, advised current Hwa Chong students to focus on wider goals beyond grades. To him, school functions as a training ground to develop one’s character. He added, “The responsibility of a student is to learn, but the responsibility of a person is to support society.”

It was inspiring to see how these alumni’s bonds have endured over long decades and distances. As Mr Djuana Sulestio put it, “There will always be studying, but you may only get the chance to forge strong friendships today.”

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