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21 Apr 2017

We would like to congratulate Astronomy teacher in charge Mr Ren Xiaohui (Lecturer/ Chinese Language) and his students (Ryan Wong Jun Hui (17S7F) and Mao Zi Ming (17S7B) on being champions in the Advanced category of the 20th Nanyang Polytechnic Astronomy Competition 2017.

The Nanyang Polytechnic Astronomy Competition aims to engage pre-tertiary students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). More than 130 students from 10 pre-tertiary institutions participated in both categories (Advanced and Poster) of the competition.

In the morning, the students either presented their poster on the theme of ‘Mars’ to the judges or worked against the clock in teams of two to complete a list of questions comprising difficult open-ended questions.

In the afternoon, the attendees were treated to a talk by the founders of TinyMOS, a startup in Singapore that has produced a small, connected, user-friendly astronomical camera, as well as a small-scale carnival organized by the NYP Astronomy Club with support from the School of Engineering Club.

From Left to Right:  Benjamin Luo Yehao(4S3), Gong Chen Jun (3P2), Wong Jun Hui, Ryan (17S7F), Mao Ziming (17S7B)


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