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Celebrating Diversity at Hwa Chong’s Open House

19 Jan 2018

Ng Zi Ling (17A14)

Hwa Chong Institution (College) held its 2018 Open House on 15 January from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. The theme for this year’s Open House, “Mosaic”, highlights the diversity of backgrounds Hwa Chong students come from and how these different individuals come together to form one family.

The kaleidoscope of CCA banners displayed in the Central Plaza is a nod to the mosaic of interests that Hwa Chongians have

The campus was filled with rambunctious cheer as students, parents, and alumni poured into the school, hoping to learn more about Hwa Chong or excited to reunite with their juniors and beloved alma mater. Visitors could enjoy an exciting lineup of performances put up by various groups such as the four Faculties’ Faculty Committees, the Music and Dance (MAD) Society, and the String Ensemble. Everyone put in their utmost effort to showcase Hwa Chong in the best light. The “awe on the faces of the visitors,” Vice-Chairperson Zhao Xiang Yu (17S65) described, “made every step of the journey worth it.”

The Apollo Faculty Committee with their sunny smiles

The Music and Dance (MAD) Society wowing the crowd with their stunning choreography

Booths were arranged around the school with each CCA showcasing their talents and achievements, hoping to entice prospective students into joining their CCAs. Academic talks allowed interested students to learn more about special programmes such as the Science and Math Talent Programme (SMTP) and the Gifted and Talented Programme (GATE). With such an array of activities to participate in, this year’s Open House left all who attended feeling perhaps a little tired, but thoroughly fulfilled and enriched nonetheless.

The smooth running of the entire operation can be owed greatly to the 44th Students’ Council, which has been working hard in preparation for Open House 2018 in the weeks leading up to the event. Although they faced many ups and downs, the Students’ Council pulled through in the end to deliver a spectacular result. As Chairperson Lim Kai Wen (17S77) commented, “It was truly heartwarming to see everyone’s hard work coalesce into a mosaic masterpiece.” Indeed, Open House “Mosaic” was a resounding success, and every Hwa Chongian can look back on this day with fond memories.

The 44th Students’ Council, which organized the event, beaming after a hard day’s work

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