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55th and 56th President’s Scholars for Hwa Chong

15 Aug 2015
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Lim Tze Etsuko (林缇) (13A14) and Russell Ewe Yuhang (尤宇航) (12A11) have been awarded the prestigious 2015 President’s Scholarship. Out of the four President’s Scholarships given out this year, two were awarded to Hwa Chong students.


Lim Tze Etsuko (林缇)

Etsuko, with President of Singapore Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam and his wife, together with Dr Hon (left), Nanyang Primary School Principal Mrs Lee Hui Feng (second from left), and Principal of Nanyang Girl’s High School Mdm Heng Boey Hong (right) at the award ceremony at the Istana (Photo: Public Service Commission)

An extremely talented and passionate debater, Etsuko represented Hwa Chong and Singapore at various competitions, winning many top honours in the process. These included bringing her teammates to victory as Team Champions in competitions, such as the International Humanitarian Law Debates, and NUS Policy Debating Competition.

A crucial member of Team Singapore, Etsuko also was part of the winning national team that took home the top prize in the 2014 Eurasian Schools Debating Championship, Istanbul, winning the overall Best Speaker award and emerging as the top-ranked debater amongst her peers from 23 other nations. Despite her achievements, she humbly credits the support and guidance of her Hwa Chong debate alumni, appreciating the help and support they provided even after graduation.

Indeed, the notion of 饮水思源 resonates well with Etsuko, imbuing in her values such as duty, gratitude, and responsibility. While debating was her forte, her passion lay in helping others through community service. Using her skills in debate, she organized a public speaking class for students of Northlight School. The classes were conducted in three cycles over the span of eight weeks, with one of the cycles culminating in an ‘Our Singapore Conversation’ session. She was also part of the organising team for Camp Re:ACT, a literary arts camp for secondary school students.

Etsuko, who was also a recipient of the Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence in 2013, certainly has achieved far beyond what many can only dream of. Yet, she maintains that it is crucial that one remains grounded and humble. She realises that it is easy to grow complacent and self-entitled, and therefore believes strongly in making full use of the privileges she has been given. With such level-headedness and maturity, Etsuko will definitely go far in contributing to Singapore’s future.

Etsuko has been conferred the Public Service Commission Scholarship (Legal Service), and will be reading Law at the University of Cambridge.

Russell Ewe Yuhang (尤宇航)

Russell, with President of Singapore Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam and his wife, together with Dr Hon, at the award ceremony at the Istana (Photo: Public Service Commission)

A compassionate young man who believes firmly in helping those in need, Russell devoted much of his 6 years in Hwa Chong to pursuing his interest in first aid, and he was awarded the Chief Commissioner’s Badge for his excellent achievements with the St. John Ambulance Brigade from 2008-2011. He then served with distinction as the President of the First Aid Club from 2012-2013, ably managing his team to ensure that proper first aid cover was available at all major school events.

This passion to serve others extended beyond the school community, as he actively engaged in the Grassroots Attachment Programme, helping out and learning from MPs the varying and distinct social issues addressed at the constituency level. Beyond building a strong sense of the importance of social safety nets at the grassroots level, Russell was also heavily involved in helping people with their problems at the community level. Imbued with both empathy and a keen sense of social justice, Russell exemplifies leadership with conviction and compassion.

Beyond community involvement, Russell took a keen interest in the nation’s defence and its security issues. An active participant of the MINDEF Internship Programme in 2012 and 2013, he developed a broad sense of the various challenges facing Singapore at a national security level.

Russell has been conferred the Singapore Armed Forces Scholarship and will be reading Politics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Congratulations to Etsuko and Russell, and all their teachers on their excellent achievements.

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