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10th Hwa Chong student awarded Angus Ross Prize for best A-Level Literature script in the world outs

21 May 2010

1. Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) is pleased to share that our student, Lin Ruizi, has won the prestigious Angus Ross Prize for best performance in Literature in English by a non-UK candidate at the 2009 Cambridge GCE A-Level Examinations.

2. On top of posting stellar results for Literature in English (H2), he attained straight Distinctions in Knowledge & Inquiry (H2), Mathematics (H2), Economics (H2) and Project Work (H1) at his A-Level Examinations.


3. What makes Ruizi's achievement all the more exceptional is the fact that he did not read Literature in Upper Secondary. Yet, he won the 'Best in Subject Award for Literature in English' in 2008, when he was in Junior College 1. He was also top of the cohort for Knowledge & Inquiry in the same year.

4. However, this feat is hardly surprising given that the Hwa Chong Integrated Programme (IP) offers time and space for students to reflect and consolidate their learning. The knowledge and thinking capacity acquired by these students are often way beyond the requirements of A-level Examinations. Furthermore, the critical and creative thinking skills they learn are transferable across disciplines.

5. During his 6 years under the Hwa Chong IP, Ruizi displayed sharp intellect. He was part of the prestigious Stanford Education Programme for Gifted Youths. Additionally, adept at both written and spoken English, Ruizi attained many High Distinctions at the Australian English Competitions, even coming in FIRST in the nation, on one occasion. He also bagged an Honourable Mention at the Hwa Chong Student Leaders Convention in 2006 for outstanding debating.

6. An analytical individual and deep thinker, Ruizi was naturally drawn to Knowledge & Inquiry in Junior College. He was in charge of the Programmes Sub-committee of the "Knowledge & Inquiry National Symposium". At the same symposium, he presented a paper titled, "What is Reality?", which dealt with the exact nature and theories of reality such as naive realism and solipsism.


7. Ruizi, besides effectively captaining the Chess and Bridge Club in various important competitions, also found time to combine his passion for English with his desire to help the underprivileged. He conscientiously designed a comprehensive and innovative English Language teaching package for an Overseas Community Involvement Project in Nanjing, China.

8. Ruizi plans to read Law at Cambridge.

9. We congratulate Ruizi and his Literature in English tutors, Ms Khoo Lilin and Ms Liew Pei Li, for this remarkable achievement.

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