High School: The Consortium System

Hwa Chong Institution took the bold but natural step of pioneering the Consortium System in 1999. 

The Consortium System—which operates on the concept of a “school within a school”—was fully implemented in 2001. Each consortium comprises a team of about 30 teachers with a smaller cohort of students as their charges. At Hwa Chong Institution, teachers and students are grouped into 4 consortia, Aphelion, iSpark, Ortus and ProEd. With a smaller student population in each “minischool”, the nimble Consortium System allows for greater autonomy: staff members are empowered to make local decisions efficiently, so as to better respond to the changing needs of both students and teachers. The birth of the consortia led to a groundbreaking approach with a “start-up” culture imbued into the system. The Directors of Consortium, in tandem with the School Leaders, set up a system that was dynamic, flexible and responsive to the unique needs of the students and staff within each consortia.

The unique set up provides a more holistic, supportive and customised curriculum for our talented students. This in turn enables Hwa Chong Institution to nurture them into leaders, innovators and citizens of tomorrow.


Our Consortia






The point furthest from the sun in the orbit of a planet or a comet


Building bridges, realizing dreams  




The 'i' / eye is the window into the many exciting worlds of ideas, innovation, and imagination, while the spark represents vibrance and energy.

Keep the spark burning




Latin for a new beginning or a rising star

Explore the unexplored arenas; set a new pace for the race




Amalgamation of the words ‘Process’ and ‘Education’

The journey is as important as the destination





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