Talent Development Programmes

HCI has robust talent programmes in place to nurture our future entrepreneurial servant leaders in research, industry and the government.

Talent Development Programmes

Talent Programmes for high-achievers in Mathematics & Sciences (SMTP & GATE)

Art Elective Programme

Since its inception in 1984, the Hwa Chong Art Elective Programme (AEP) has enabled students with artistic potential and abilities to undertake an enriched Art education. The holistic curriculum aims to develop students’ conceptual and analytical thinking and creativity. It covers historical and theoretical studies in Art, emphasises creative processes and exposes students to a wide range of media and fine art forms.

School Based Gifted Plus Programme (iSpark)

In tandem with the school's overarching philosophical underpinnings, the Hwa Chong School Based Gifted Education programme, hosted by the iSpark Consortium, aims to focus on the total development of our students. This development spans the Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social and Aesthetic realms.

Humanities Programme

As the first institution chosen for the Humanities Scholarship Scheme, Hwa Chong has maintained its position as the major Oxbridge entry centre of Singapore. Hwa Chong is one of the the leading Oxford and Cambridge entry centres in the world outside the UK, with over 300 students to date.

Bicultural Studies Programme

HCI is the first school to pioneer the Bicultural Studies (China) Programme. The programme seeks to allow students to appreciate their cultural inheritance, learn about China, as well as understand contemporary Chinese developments. This is in line with our aim to nurture bilingual leaders to serve the nation.

Language Elective Programme (Chinese)



In the new economy, Singapore will need its own pool of bright scientists and researchers to bring about new discoveries and innovations. To prepare students for the challenges of an innovation-driven future, Hwa Chong launched the FIRST and ONLY Science Research Centre (SRC) among all schools in Singapore on 26 April 2008.


CenTad is a one-stop facility that provides an integrated Science & Technology enrichment programme for outstanding Hwa Chong Science students. In addition, HCI has full-time Scientists-in-residence to mentor students’ projects and to conduct workshops in research methodology. For more information, click the left menu.