Through the Eyes of Hwa Chongians

Hwa Chongians continue to feel an immense sense of pride and deep belonging towards the school, long after they graduate. A common refrain one hears when talking to Hwa Chong alumni is the concept of the Hwa Chong Family. The school, to many, is truly a second home. Life on Campus: Through the Eyes of Hwa Chongians allows one to view a myriad of school celebrations, national competitions, and global summits through the eyes of a Hwa Chong student.

Through the Eyes of Hwa Chongians

My Hwa Chong Experience

“I realize how the time in Junior College was important to shaping my beliefs regarding the people I identify with and the things I stand for. I will always be grateful for the friends I made here – friendships that I believe are what will last me for a lifetime – as well as the teachers who have cared for me in my learning and life”

Chiang Yan Li
2015 Public Service Commission Scholar
Economics and Linguistics, University of Chicago

"Nothing can compare to the community of teachers and friends that I found at Hwa Chong. In their company, I genuinely enjoyed learning for what it was, and they taught me to shun intellectual complacency. Without I doubt, I had the best two years of my life at Hwa Chong, and will miss all the times I had in that campus for years to come."

Etsuko Lim
2015 President’s Scholar
Law, University of Cambridge

“The Hwa Chong environment was one which broadened my horizons. I am thankful to have had teachers and peers by my side who were not only dedicated in their pursuit of academic excellence, but were fundamentally rooted in values and principled in their beliefs. Thank you Hwa Chong!”

Russell Ewe
2015 President’s Scholar
Politics and Philosophy, London School of Economics and Political Science

“I am deeply indebted to all the teachers whom I have learnt from, in particular my teachers from the Bi-Cultural Studies and Chinese Language Elective Programmes. These academically rigorous programmes have better prepared me for challenges beyond Hwa Chong – whether in university or in life.”

Jonathan Ong Kian Chong
2011 Chinese Government Scholarship
2015 Fudan University Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Chinese Language & Literature, Fudan University

“I believe that my education at Hwa Chong has made me a more resilient person, as well as someone who strives for leadership and excellence in a field that I derive a lot of joy from – Physics and Physics education.”

Harapan Santoso Ong
Ministry of Education Overseas Teaching Scholar
Awarded the Cavendish Laboratory MASt Prize for being the best performing student in the postgraduate Master’s programme in Physics
Physics, Cambridge University Class of 2015