Student Development

Our SD programme aims to groom passionate and innovative individuals who can serve the community with integrity, empathy, and responsibility.

Student Development

The Student Development Programme

Fostering Diversity & Inclusivity

Consortiums & Faculties

In Hwa Chong, we adopt a Consortium (High School) and Faculty (College) system. This system provides "a school within a school" environment where dedicated tutors will be able to take care of the well-being of the student population in Hwa Chong Institution in a personalized and individual manner.

Bicultural Leadership

Hwa Chong’s leadership framework seeks to nurture resilient individuals with a keen sense of purpose, commitment and compassion. In addition, these individuals would be bicultural talents with a deep appreciation for both Eastern and Western cultures. For more information, please click the left menu.

Character & Citizenship Education

Recognition & Awards

Hwa Chong has many avenues to recognise students for their effort and hard work. These include awards such as our All-Round Excellence Award, Outstanding Student Award and the HCI Diploma. To find out more, click on the left menu.