Student Development

Our SD programme aims to groom passionate and innovative individuals who can serve the community with integrity, empathy, and responsibility.

Student Development

The Student Development Programme

Fostering Diversity & Inclusivity

Consortiums & Faculties

In Hwa Chong, we adopt a Consortium (High School) and Faculty (College) system. This system provides "a school within a school" environment where dedicated tutors will be able to take care of the well-being of the student population in Hwa Chong Institution in a personalized and individual manner.

Bicultural Leadership

Hwa Chong’s leadership framework seeks to nurture resilient individuals with a keen sense of purpose, commitment and compassion. In addition, these individuals would be bicultural talents with a deep appreciation for both Eastern and Western cultures. For more information, please click the left menu.

Character & Citizenship Education

Recognition & Awards

Hwa Chong has many avenues to recognise students for their effort and hard work. These include awards such as our All-Round Excellence Award, Outstanding Student Award and the HCI Diploma. To find out more, click on the left menu.

Through the Eyes of Hwa Chongians

Hwa Chongians continue to feel an immense sense of pride and deep belonging towards the school, long after they graduate. A common refrain one hears when talking to Hwa Chong alumni is the concept of the Hwa Chong Family. The school, to many, is truly a second home. Life on Campus: Through the Eyes of Hwa Chongians allows one to view a myriad of school celebrations, national competitions, and global summits through the eyes of a Hwa Chong student.