Partners in Education

Hwa Chong Institution has over the years cultivated partnerships with key institutions and industry leaders worldwide. Today the Hwa Chong has a comprehensive network of mutually beneficial and meaningful partnerships with various organizations, locally and abroad. For more information, click on the left menu.

Partners in Education

Partners in Education

Over the years, the school has forged strategic partnerships with more than 100 schools and universities in over 20 countries across five continents.

The network of partners includes global companies, leading governmental agencies, top universities and research institutes. Many authentic learning programmes include:

  • International Science Youth Forum, involving Nobel Prize-winning scientists;
  • Cross-border research collaboration with the Loudoun County Academy of Science (Virginia, US) and Westport Schools District (Connecticut, US);
  • Hwa Chong-Beijing Satellite Campus supported by Beijing Normal University 2nd Affiliated School and Hwa Chong alumni;
  • The Hague International United Nations Conference @ Singapore, supported by THIMUN;
  • Global Learning Alliance with Columbia University and Scarsdale Public Schools (New York, US); and
  • Positive Education with the University of Pennsylvania

Hwa Chong has also partnered numerous global companies and research agencies to enable students to work with engineers and scientists on real- world projects. Every year, about 250 students are involved in some 90 research projects to solve practical and complex real-world problems.