As part of our school's initiative to create a global academy, our internationalisation unit organises events and trips to provide students with opportunities to experience the diversity of other cultures both locally and overseas. To find out more, click on the left menu.



The Internationalisation Unit aims to give students an opportunity to experience the diversity of other cultures both locally and overseas. It consists of three main segments:

1. Cultural Quotient (CQ)
2. Exchange Programmes (EP)
3. Hwa Chong Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Summit (HC-APYLS)

For more information, please contact the teachers of the respective segments.


The CQ segment of the unit prepares students going on overseas trips for the element of cultural interaction that will take place in the course of their trips. It aims to develop in students both cultural sensitivity and a global outlook. It teaches students to appreciate cultural diversity as well as to respect cultural norms and differences. CQ also aims to assist students in developing ways of identifying and negotiating cultural situations. As cultural sensitivity does not only come from an appreciation from other cultures but also from one's own, part of the curriculum in CQ involves learning about how other countries may perceive Singapore and Singaporeans.


1. To assist students in developing strategies to manage and negotiate cultural situations.
2. To instil in students a sense of what it means to be Singaporean by understanding how other cultures may perceive Singapore.


The exchange component of the unit focuses on cultural immersion through academic study trips both overseas and locally. Aside from participating in overseas exchanges with other premier schools, students will also host their foreign counterparts in Singapore, through home stays and various school activities.


1. To develop in students an awareness of and sensitivity towards cultural difference.
2. To provide a sustained platform for study and cultural immersion for students.


The following exchange programmes will take place in 2015:

1. HCI-Tsukuba Exchange (Japan, Tokyo)
Senior High School at Otsuka, University of Tsukuba

2. HCI-Bugil Academy Exchange (South Korea)

3. HCI-Kansai University Senior High School (Japan)


The unit also oversees the Hwa Chong Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Summit (HC- APYLS) - an annual leadership summit that brings together top student leaders from around the world to discuss pertinent issues within the Asia-Pacific region, through a global lens. Top student leaders will be selected to form the student organising committee. As student facilitators, they will have the opportunity to interact with and organise the summit's programme for all foreign delegates.


1. To foster closer ties amongst top international student leaders.
2. To develop leadership skills through dialogues with leaders in the highest echelons of civil service and the private sector in Singapore.
3. To raise social and political awareness of global issues facing the world today.


More information on the HC-APYLS 2015/6 programme and participating schools is available on our website at

HC-APYLS Photos:

HC-APYLS Student Facilitators

Delegates and Teacher Chaperons from Oman, India and The United Kingdom


Student Dialogues

Summit Dialogue with Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education

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Hwa Chong Asia-Pacific
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