Global Learning Alliance

In 2012, HCI co-organised and hosted the inaugural Global Learning Alliance, Singapore Summit. This is a partnership between HCI, Scarsdale Public Schools (a top performing district in New York), and Columbia University. For more information, click on the left menu.

Global Learning Alliance

Global Learning Alliance

In 2012, HCI partnered Columbia University and Scarsdale Public Schools (a top-performing district in New York) to establish a Global Learning Alliance (GLA). The aim is to set new global benchmarks in innovative curricula, assessment and pedagogical practices that transcend TIMSS and PISA.

The GLA involves some of the world’s most innovative schools from the highest performing nations, including Australia, Canada, China (Shanghai), Finland, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, and the United States.

“This is a rare and powerful opportunity for schools and universities around the world to convene as colleagues, to roll up our sleeves, and to work together in partnership as we articulate and imagine futures in education that will prepare our children and youth to participate in an increasingly interdependent and connected global world. The global Learning Alliance creates a space for imagining those futures, for attending to how both the teaching and learning that goes on in our schools inspires global consciousness and nurtures the capacities necessary to participate fully as citizens of the world.”

Professor Ruth Vinz
Enid and Lester Morse Professor of English Education
Chair of Arts and Humanities
Teachers College, Columbia University