Hwa Chong Future School

In 2008, Hwa Chong Institution was selected by the Ministry of Education to be a Future School. With our Future School, we will adopt a borderless learning environment, where students can learn anytime and anywhere. For more information, click on the left menu.

Hwa Chong Future School

Hwa Chong Future School

"The proposal for HCI caters to the multidimensional learning needs of its web-savvy students by leveraging web 2.0 technologies such as blogging and videoconferencing in its learning curriculum.  Through a virtual campus called the Hwa Chong Nexus, HCI students will be able to collaborate via social interactions, share information for brainstorming sessions and gather feedback through peer reviews"

RAdm(NS) Ronnie Tay
CEO IDA Singapore
At the FutureSchools@Singapore
Call-for-Collaboration Award Media Briefing
13 May 2008


Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) is pleased to announce that the school has been selected by the Ministry of Education to implement the Future Schools@Singapore (FS@SG) in 2008.

To Develop Passionate Learners with Global Perspective

The 4 key focus areas are to :

  1. Setup a Global Academy
  2. Offer Advanced research programmes with partners worldwide
  3. Create Diverse learning environments, and
  4. Evolve new values.

Global Academy

Learning in the future will no longer be confined to the Hwa Chong campus at Bukit Timah.  Instead, learning will transcend boundaries between subjects, classrooms, schools, countries and cultures.  Working in communal space with notebooks, teachers and students choose to spend as much (or as little) time as they wish in school.  Space and time become less standardized and more flexible. With its Global Academy, HCI will establish a virtual campus as well as satellite campuses at strategic locations in China, India and the United States.

"With Hwa Chong's Future School, we will adopt a borderless learning environment.  From the school's perspective, the goal is to create an environment where students learn a way of life from the one they would lead in the future." said CEO/Principal Ang Wee Hiong.

We will also collaborate with partners worldwide on high-impact instructional and curriculum innovations.  Exchange programmes with schools overseas like Beijing's 2nd High School attached to Beijing Normal University, Brisbane's Grammar School and California's Monta Vista High School will be further enhanced by leveraging web- and video-conferencing technologies and online learning portals.

Advanced Research Programmes

Hwa Chong's Future School will involve students in virtual mentorship schemes with industry captains and experts overseas.  Students will also enjoy industrial attachment with leading global companies and take on self-directed research.  Students will negotiate their learning beyond the confines of the Hwa Chong classroom and co-create knowledge with peers, teachers, adjunct professors and specialist-mentors.  Through our Global Academy, students of different age groups, talents and abilities from different schools across continents will have many opportunities to collaborate on long-term advanced research projects in areas like nanotechnology, life sciences, democracy, AIDS and poverty.

Diverse Learning Environments

The school intends to transform its various physical spaces into a vibrant and stimulating environment where learning takes place anytime, anywhere.  The key levers include technologies like high-speed wireless broadband and network computers for peer-to-peer collaboration within and outside the school compound.

Creative and critical thinking dispositions will be nurtured through collaborative explorations and discussions conducted in real and virtual learning environments. Independent learning is facilitated through the use of online case-studies and course modules hosted on e-learning platforms.

Evolution of New Values

Said Mr Ang: "With technology, the role of teacher is more important than ever. Increasingly as students begin to take greater charge and control of what they want to study and when and how, the school must continue to provide the moral guidance for young people to keep their bearing and direction in the emerging global culture."

In the end, the school will concern itself not merely with technological and cultural change, but the evolution of new values that will help sustain humanity and transform society.