Admission Routes



Interested students may apply to join HCI via the Direct School Admission Exercise.

Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student's aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools' academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

No Singaporean student will be denied a place in Hwa Chong Institution because of financial reasons. A range of financial assistance schemes, scholarships and awards are available to support our students.

Direct School Admissions Schedule

DSA Categories

Bilingual Chinese Language Humanities Leadership
STEM - Infocomm STEM - Mathematics STEM - Science Sports - 14 sports

Languages and Humanities - Bilingual

DSA (Bilingual) aims to develop and nurture future leaders of Singapore who:

  • Are effectively bilingual in communications;
  • Possess deep understanding, awareness and multi-perspectives on bicultural issues;
  • Have a strong ability to apply 21CC and bicultural awareness in their areas of endeavour.

We are looking for bilingual talents who demonstrate creativity, proficiency and passion in the learning of both the Chinese and English language.

We welcome students who are passionate about learning the cultures of the East and West, and will commit to the Bicultural Studies Programme at Upper Secondary Level (Sec 3 and Sec 4).


  • Displays strong interest and passion in languages and cultural studies.
  • Possesses high level of written and spoken proficiency in both English and Chinese Language.
  • Exhibits creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Has participated or won awards in school and/or National level competitions/events/activities in related fields of language and culture (For example, Singapore-Malaysia Bilingual Olympiad, National Chinese Challenge, Debate/ Speech competition, Essay writing competition, Bilingual Camp, BiCEP etc).

Languages and Humanities - Chinese Language

The objective of DSA (Chinese) lies in guiding students in their pursuit of higher proficiency in Chinese language, literature, history and philosophy. The DSA (Chinese) also aims to develop students with creative writing skills.

We are looking for talents who demonstrate creativity, proficiency and passion in the learning of Chinese language and literature.

We welcome students who are passionate about learning Chinese literature, and will commit to the Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP).


  • Displays keen interest in Chinese language and Chinese literature, and demonstrates strong passion for learning Chinese culture.
  • Demonstrates strong passion in Chinese reading and writing.
  • Has strong foundation in the Chinese language, displays good proficiency in listening, oral speech, reading and writing competencies.
  • Possesses creativity and diverse perspectives.
  • Has participated or won awards in various competitions (For example, National Chinese Quiz, Story-telling competitions, Debate competition, Chinese essay writing competition, or any publication of essays or literary works on social media platforms/ literary publications).

Languages and Humanities - Humanities

We are looking for students who display the following qualities: a keen reader, writer, observer, thinker and/or communicator and he has had experiences in one or more Humanities-related areas.

We welcome students who are keen to explore the Humanities by learning how people, culture, ideas and events are connected over time and becoming increasingly interconnected across national, regional and global contexts. The learning experience can be further enriched in the Humanities Programme in the Upper Secondary level for eligible students.


Applicants should possess:

  • Outstanding English Language results and good reading habits
  • Good observation skills
  • Critical, Creative and Caring thinking abilities including the ability to think convergently and divergently
  • Achievement in Debates, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Future Problem Solving Program, Odyssey of the Mind, and other Language or
  • A Humanities-related portfolio (events, competitions and training)

Leadership - Leadership

DSA (Leadership) aims to develop and nurture future leaders of Singapore who:

  • are passionate about continual excellence, self-improvement and innovation
  • are imbued with a strong sense of community and service to others
  • possess a deep consciousness of collective efforts to achieve a greater good

We are looking for leadership talents who demonstrate determination, passion and creativity in contributing towards the betterment of their community and society.

We welcome leadership talents who will commit to being trained as a student leader, and serving the school community.


Candidates should have either

  • experience leading student organisations in their school (Eg. Head / Vice Head Prefects, CCA Heads / Vice Heads etc.) or
  • experience leading community improvement projects (Eg. MOE GEB Innovation Programme, Community Involvement Programmes etc.) or
  • been recognised by the school, community or society, for their leadership and service (Eg. MOE: EAGLES, School: Model Student Award, Scouts: Akela Award, Boys Brigade: JP Gold Award etc.)

STEM - Infocomm

We are looking for students who are passionate about programming and robotics; students with a keen mind for data analytics and logic.

Our programme aims to develop future ready and responsible digital learner. We seek to engage students with a relevant 6 years curriculum that covers various programming languages, training on the Internet of things and Web development. Students are also given the opportunities to showcase their info-communications talent through various competitions.


Applicants should have a well balanced personality and openness to take up challenges in learning new skills, enthusiastic to communicating ideas and the resilience to solve problems.

Students should have exposure/achievements in coding and robotics competitions at National level. Good grasps of the basics in Python programming and robotics is preferred.

STEM - Mathematics

We are looking for students who are passionate about mathematics; resilient and analytical individuals who are able to simplify problems using mathematical logic and with a demonstrated ability to problem-solve and engage with real-world issues.

Our programmes aim to stretch the mathematics potential of the students so that they are equipped with the knowledge and repertoire of problem solving techniques to solve higher order and non-routine problems. Students are also given the opportunities to hone their skills for national and international competitions.

We welcome students with achievements in mathematics olympiad competitions and who strive to be part of the Science and Mathematics Talent Programme (SMTP) at upper secondary.


Applicants should

  • have achievements and experiences in the various mathematics olympiad competitions;
  • be passionate to learn mathematics in-depth and at an accelerated pace;
  • possess logical thinking and reasoning of mathematical concepts and
  • show resilience in their search for solution to problems.

STEM - Science

DSA (Science) aims to develop and nurture science talents who:

  • are critical and creative individuals who are curious about the world around them;
  • possess the essential skills and knowledge to improve the quality of life;
  • have the courage to deal with ambiguous situations and to handle uncertainties.

We are looking for science talents who demonstrate independence in learning and consistently display high levels of curiosity; always seeking for improvements to benefit the wider community.

We welcome students who are passionate in learning and applying science and will commit to the science enrichment programmes at Hwa Chong; and strive to be part of the Science and Mathematics Talent Programme (SMTP) at upper secondary.



  • with outstanding achievements in Science-related competitions such as ICAS, Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award, Future Problem Solving Competition, Odyssey of the Mind, etc,
  • with the necessary foundational knowledge, possess logical thinking and reasoning of science and engineering concepts, and
  • show tenacity and ingenuity in their search for solutions to problems

Sports - 14 sports

We are looking for students with strong potential for sporting and academic excellence. Candidates should have the determination and discipline to overcome challenges, as well as the willingness to challenge themselves in a rigorous IP curriculum. Candidates should be willing to commit and show passion and resilience in the chosen sport for 4 to 6 years.

Candidates should display a strong potential in or/and have zonal, national or international representation in the following sports: Badminton, Basketball, Canoeing, Fencing, Gymnastics, Judo, Shooting, Table Tennis, Track & Field / Cross Country, Volleyball, Water Polo, Weiqi or Wushu.

The school reserves the right to exercise the allocated DSA slots given the circumstances or the quality of candidates available for each sport.


  • Sports Trial (Important Info on sports trial dates)
  • Achievement records in the chosen sports.
  • Shortlisted groups:
    - Those with International or top position at national level
    - Special discipline within a sports domain e.g. a weapon type for fencing

Direct School Admissions Selection Process

The selection process is based on

  • shortlisting of applicants for our DSA interviews, and
  • the following selection activities according to the different DSA categories

Bilingual & Chinese Language Humanities Leadership Mathematics
& Infocomm
Science Sports
Group Interview Group Interview Group Interview Group Interview Group Interview Individual Interview
(for selected candidates)
Group Activity Group Activity Group Activity Group Activity Group Activity -
Creative Writing - Written Reflections - - -
- - - - - Sports Trials

For more information about the MOE Direct School Admission Exercise (DSA-Sec), please access


Entrance Exam

Hwa Chong Institution (High School) Entrance Examination: Admission Year 2019

Our entrance examination is only open to candidates who are interested to be admitted into Secondary Three: AY2019. There are no vacancies for the other levels in High School.

Eligibility criteria
Candidates must meet either of the two criteria listed below.

1) Current students of a local mainstream secondary school.  Please note that students who have been admitted to their current school via DSA-Sec or AEIS exercise are NOT eligible for school transfer.

2) Returning Singaporeans (RS). RS may also participate in the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) School Placement Exercise for Returning Singaporean (SPERS). For more information on SPERS, please refer to MOE website at

Closing date for application

The closing date for application is Friday, 19 October 2018. The examination will be held in the High School Section on Thursday, 8 November 2018.

Candidates will have to sit for three tests:

Subject Name Duration Tested on  Remarks
English Language 2 hours Section A: Essay              
Section B: Comprehension
Chinese Language 1 hour 入学语文能力鉴定测验: 作文 The use of dictionary or electronic dictionary that is approved by the Singapore Ministry of Education
Mathematics 2 hours Structured Questions:
The use of electronic calculator is permitted


Important notes

  • Hwa Chong Institution is a Special Assistance Plan school (SAP) in which our students must study English and Chinese at first language level.
  • The HCI (High School) is an all-boys' school.
  • School fee rates are available on our website under 'School Fee Structure'.

Interested applicants should mail the completed application form together with the cheque for the examination fee ($200, inclusive of GST) to the mailing address indicated below. Cheque payment should be payable to” Hwa Chong Institution”. Alternatively, application form and payment may be submitted in person at our High School Reception Office.

Mailing address is as follows:

Entrance Exam (High School)
Hwa Chong Institution
661 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269734

Incomplete application forms or applications without payment will be considered void.

Applicants should contact the school by email at or tel: 64665912 ext 5912 if they do not receive the entrance examination time schedule by Friday, 26 October 2018.

Interview for shortlisted applicants: Last week of November 2018 (only if necessary).

Notification of Results: Friday, 7 December 2018 (by Email & Post)
Details of the results will NOT be disclosed. The school’s decision on the outcome of the entrance examination is final.