About us

About our institution

Through the years, Hwa Chong Institution has nurtured leaders for the nation in the highest echelons of research, industry and government. Our aim is to maximise every student’s potential, and to prepare them for a lifetime of achievement.

Principal’s Foreword

Dr Hon Chiew Weng
Hwa Chong Institution

Welcome to the Hwa Chong Institution homepage. Our vision is Defining Holistic Education, and Empowering our Future Leaders to Live with Passion and Lead with Compassion. Clearly, character is at the heart of education at Hwa Chong.

Navigating our website, you will discover our unique talent development programmes, our nurturing and caring staff, our innovative Consortium System, and our world class research and sports facilities. You will also be able to read about visits by thought leaders, such as Howard Gardner and Nobel Scientists. Apart from happy news about our students bringing pride to the school and nation, you can also look forward to hearing the voices of our students and alumni who will share their first-hand experiences about life in HCI.

The education landscape is ever changing. Drawing lessons from the pioneering spirit of our forefathers, we welcome the challenges and opportunities ahead. HCI remains unwavering in our commitment to global standards of excellence.

Dr Hon Chiew Weng 潘兆荣