About us

About our institution

Through the years, Hwa Chong Institution has nurtured leaders for the nation in the highest echelons of research, industry and government. Our aim is to maximise every student’s potential, and to prepare them for a lifetime of achievement.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision 华中愿景

Empowering our students to
Live with Passion and Lead with Compassion


Our Mission 华中使命

We nurture leaders in Research, Industry and Government to serve the nation


Our Core Values

自 强 不 息 [Tireless self-improvement with tenacity, innovation and passion]

己 立 立 人, 己 达 达 人 [WIN – WIN]

饮 水 思 源 [Remembering our roots and honouring our benefactors]

Our Strategic Values

The Institution’s strategic values are aligned closely to its core values. These values are Passion, Innovation, Integrity, Empathy and Responsibility (see below). This set of strategic values can steer the Institution to break new frontiers in providing holistic education for the 21st-century. In practice, these values guide school leaders and teachers in their selection and design of key initiatives to achieve the desired student outcomes (as illustrated in the table below):

Core Values Associated Strategic Values Guiding Principles


Tireless self- improvement with tenacity, innovation and passion

积极乐 学

善思创 新

Teachers and students are reminded to maximise the opportunities in
HCI when exploring their interests. They should seek to develop these interests into life-long passions. The HCI research-based curriculum hones students’ Disciplined Minds to further develop their passions.

The pre-requisites of a Creating Mind are curiosity, innovation and a quest for excellence. Teachers and students should learn to explore possibilities and create platforms to forge breakthroughs in a knowledge-based economy.

Both Passion and Innovation lead to constant self-renewal and improvement, which is essentially the spirit of 自强不息.

己立立人 己达达人


正直诚 信

仁爱仁 心

Collaboration is an important skill in the 21st-century. People are expected to collaborate to solve multi-dimensional problems. The philosophy of ‘Win-Win’ is a key value that enables collaboration.

To achieve a ‘Win-Win’ situation, one must have Integrity and Empathy. Integrity is an integral part of the Ethical Mind. To win the trust of other people, one needs to learn to be ethical in thought, speech and action at all times.

Empathy helps teachers and students develop a Respectful Mind by valuing diverse perspectives and understanding the feelings of others, particularly those from different social and cultural backgrounds.


Remembering our roots and honouring our benefactors


Society has given ample opportunities for our students to flourish. Thus, much is also expected. Hwa Chong students have a social responsibility and duty to serve the community and nation.

Social responsibility is not confined to serving only the disadvantaged. Teachers and students must also anticipate, and be accountable for, the consequences of their actions on self, community and the environment. In the 21st-century, it is vital for them to develop a Synthesising Mind, i.e. to draw, process and transform salient and reliable information from different sources—both offline and online—into practical knowledge that benefits the larger community.