About us

About our institution

Through the years, Hwa Chong Institution has nurtured leaders for the nation in the highest echelons of research, industry and government. Our aim is to maximise every student’s potential, and to prepare them for a lifetime of achievement.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Hwa Chong, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme is inspired by our school vision.

We believe in improving the lives of needy children through holistic education, inspiring our staff and students to give back to the community, and to be environmentally responsible.

We have always contributed to the local and global community in many ways. During their time in school, our students have initiated and spearheaded Overseas Community Involvement Programmes (OCIP) and local Community Involvement Programmes (CIP) that have reached out to numerous beneficiaries.

To create an even more robust and sustained social advocacy framework, we initiated a CSR taskforce in 2012. Through this, we sought to provide a pillar of support to needy children from Pertapis Children’s Home, our adopted charity, on top of continued community efforts by both staff and students.

Since then, we have supported Pertapis Children’s Home in their fund raising efforts through the Walkathon (4 Nov 2012), and Flag Day (27 April 2013). Our staff and students have also been actively involved in homework coaching, green mentoring, experiential learning journeys to museums and the Science Centre, organizing recreational activities and also sponsorship of various basic necessities for the children of the home through the ‘Back to School’ programme.

Hwa Chong has also been actively involved in environmental activities that are built into the fabric of school culture. The student-led Green Council was initiated to coordinate efforts at environmental education, waste management and conservation efforts. We have since adopted many aspects of green awareness in helping the children at Pertapis upkeep their garden and learn more about the environment.

We believe in giving hope and a meaningful future to every child.